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Tuesday 27th April 2010 ~ Highway Horror

Today began normally enough, but the peace was shattered at around 09.15 when a car entered the 30mph zone at Walpole Highway way in excess of the speed limit. The driver seemingly lost control and after damaging a lamp post and litter bin then demolished several wheely bins and travelled through three gardens during which it rolled over at least twice before coming to rest opposite the eastbound bus shelter in this normally quiet backwater. For a while X1s were diverted round the south side of the village down School Road and back up Hall Road. L8 with 37569 avoided the area altogether while the air ambulance was in attendance. Thanks to Bruce for 'on the spot' reports and to Rob H for his help too.
The road was soon reopened despite the trail of devastation and delays to individual X1s amounted to no more than 10 minutes. 37156 on Y9 was 9 late from Wisbech (due 10.18) and just 7 late coming back, however, it was removed at Lynn and went on to 42s & 43s (thanks to Andy for the gen). Y9 meanwhile went forward with Paragon 20501. 37564 on K14 was swapped at Lowestoft for 37566 and also at the eastern end, Sam reports 20127 on the 09.38 X2 from Norwich.
20107 was on L10 today as 37567/8 were still unavailable while Royale 34108 was bang on time on Y13.
This afternoon, 37573 on K16 was 11 late arriving at Wisbech for the 15.26 to Lowestoft and 37562 performed a miracle being 8 late heading west and just 2 late returning on K17 - me thinks may be the rail station was skipped ?

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