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Wednesday 7th April 2010 ~ Gemini Absences

The register of Geminis was incomplete today. Absentees were 37563 - last reported on March 22nd, 37569 which was last seen lurking on Lowestoft depot on Good Friday and 37573 on MOT at King's Lynn. An unexpected sight at King's Lynn tonight was 37562 which had begun its day on K17 as usual, but which had obviously been removed for some reason. It is not clear what had worked forward but a candidate would seem to be 20123 which is now back on the road. Sister vehicle 20118 continued its frontline renaissance on K3 and Bruce's Big Beautiful Bus (34108) was having a long day on Y6.
Y13 had 37157 today and this turn is a regular B7 diagram, however, this evening it was 7 late from Lynn on the 21.50 to Peterborough and then lost further time as refuelling was required at Vancouver Avenue. the driver then made a commendable effort to make up time and was 10 late at Walpole Highway.

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