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Sunday 25th April 2010 ~ Clarification

Des has kindly supplied me with the correct details of the Sunday diagrams at present. The first turn from King's Lynn which I had erroneously thought arrived at Lowestoft and went light to Yarmouth in fact lays over to form the 10.48 departure westbound. The 09.48 westbound is a fresh vehicle off Lowestoft depot. After this vehicles are scheduled to layover for an hour before departing, i.e. the 10.30 arrival does the 11.48 to Peterborough and 11.30 arrival, the 12.48 etc. This method continues until the 14.30 arrival which then goes light to Yarmouth. After this the normal arrangement applies with the 15.30 arrival doing the 15.48 departure.
As I expected though, this doesn't always work and today 37565 on the 10.10 from Peterborough which arrives Lowestoft at 14.30 and is then booked to go empty to Yarmouth in fact layed over for an hour and worked the 15.48 back to Peterborough. The 11.10 from Peterborough was the vehicle which today went empty to Yarmouth.
Paragon 20501 was used on a private hire job from King's Lynn early today.
Running slightly late this afternoon was 37572 on the 13.48 from Lowestoft seen near Terrington with new Easy Jet advert
The X1 relief show pictured at King's Lynn garage tonight.

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