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Saturday 17th April 2010 ~ Easy Jet ?

I am told that yet another advertising campaign for 'Easy Jet' is due to start next weekend. A bit ironic considering the Icelandic volcano effect. Several Geminis still have the last Easy Jet ad in situ, but today several B9s appeared with a new ad for the movie 'Iron Man 2'. 37563 still has the Nanny McPhee advert and was out today on K4. B9s absent today were 37565, 37578 & 37579.
Royale 34108 was an unexpected sight on L9, but it had a fault and was taken off at Lynn before later replacing 37575 on K14 in order to return it to Lowestoft. 20107 was in charge of Y13. Later this evening 37156 was removed from Y6 with 575 working forward. Other swaps today involved 37159, 37566 & 37577.
Paragon 20501 returned to King's Lynn for maintenance today.
Adam Dowling has kindly sent some fine pictures of today's X1 services at King's Lynn :
37573 at King's Lynn before departure on the 14.45 to Peterborough (K19). T Mobile advert.
37570 with 'Miss Sixty' advert still in situ pictured at Lynn before departing on K2, the 15.45 to Peterborough this afternoon
37562 with 'Sky HD' Pacific advert on its usual turn, K17 photographed by Adam.
A rather solemn looking Richard removes 34108 from King's Lynn bus station after arrival on L9 from Peterborough. 37566 replaced it.
'The Beast' on the 14.32 to Lowestoft (Y13) seen at King's Lynn this afternoon
The 'Iron Man 2' advert on Royale 34108 which after attention replaced 37575 on K14 15.02 to Lowestoft. (Adam Dowling)

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Adam said...

No problem Gerard, nice to see my photos being appreciated. Glad I could be of help :-)