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Wednesday 28th April 2010 ~ A Letter From David

Recent blog convert David wrote a long letter today, parts of which I have reproduced here as it makes interesting reading :
"I've only recently discovered the X1 blog which is very interesting. I use the X1 frequently especially between Kings Lynn and Peterborough and as I have a pass (being over 60) it doesn't cost me anything. Weekdays I often travel on the 0845 from Kings Lynn as Kings Lynn and West Norfolk pass holders can use their pass from 0830. This means that we get through Wisbech before the Cambridgeshire pass holders can get on the bus as their pass doesnt start until 0930 (weekdays). Nevertheless some of them try it on and are turned down by the drivers as being 'twirlys' (am I too early - get it!)

I could probably write a book on X1 experiences over the years like the time me and other passengers were left stranded at Peterborough station because the police had closed the dual carriageway leading from the bus station to the rail station as someone was threatening to jump off the multi-storey car park roof - I was not amused having expected to catch the 1910 from the rail station and thinking it was running late to then end up on the 2018 from the bus station instead. Or missing out chunks of route usually to my advantage though this practice seems to have largely been eradicated. My main gripes about the X1 are as follows - why does it try to be a local bus service and an express service at the same time. For instance it meanders through villages between Kings Lynn and Wisbech and trails round Toftwood but yet it runs direct from Norwich to Yarmouth apart from diverting for Acle. Surely there is a case for some extra fast ones which could run from Norwich calling at Dereham,Swaffham, Kings Lynn and Wisbech only? Also diverting through Hockering travelling west from Norwich is downright dangerous and an accident waiting to happen. I've seen drivers waiting five minutes and longer before it was safe to pull out.

I should say my other main use of the X1 is travelling from Swaffham to Norwich. Rather than driving into Kings Lynn I cut across country from where I live and leave my car in the free car park in Theatre Street in Swaffham. Other experiences to recall are when they changed the timetable in April 2009 without telling anybody and the frequent changes of bus stands in Kings Lynn bus station - its now on its third stand in the last year. One more move clockwise and it'll be back where it started!

On Saturday last I caught the 0845 from Kings Lynn and was surprised to find it was a coach (20107). The seats are comfortable but it is really getting a bit clapped out now. You can feel every pothole from Kings Lynn to Peterborough and there are quite a few since the bad weather we had. I returned on the 2018 from Peterborough travelling upstairs to avoid some rowdy passengers. Saturday night travelling is often enlivened by scantily clad female passengers at Wisbech heading for the fleshpots of Kings Lynn their male escorts sometimes sporting fancy dress costumes. I'll try and record any unusual workings and happenings and forward them to you".
Thanks for that David, actually Jamie R frequently complains about rowdy behaviour on the Friday and Saturday evening X1s and avoids using the service then where possible. The costs of running late night services are high of course, but I'm told that some companies employ additional staff to elminate any annoyances at this time of night. This doubles up as extra security for the driver as well as sharing the responsibility for monitoring incidents which can only be a good thing.

Back to today now though and the aforementioned Beasty (20107) was working K1 today with its big brother, 34108 being used on K14. The availability of the Lowestoft B9 Geminis seeems very suspect at the moment and of 37564/7/8 plus King's Lynn's 37575 which were all believed to have been at Lowestoft this morning, none were deemed fit to work L11 which was entrusted to old soldier 20127.
L8 began the day with 37576, but this was taken off at Lynn at midday in favour of freshly serviced 37572. This wasn't the end of the working day for 576 though as it replaced B7 37159 on K3 for the 16.15 to Peterborough. Noisy 37570 has now been silenced and it worked K4 today.
There was another blitz by the advertising people overnight and further buses have appeared with new posters for the Robin Hood film and 'Squares', as well as a new campaign using two versions for Easy Jet on the nearside.

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Anonymous said...

37575 was at yarmouth last few days but will return friday 20129 is still going strong just had inspection repairs and 20126 is still floating about