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Thursday April 1st 2010 ~ For 564, read 127 !

The unreliability of 37564 reared its head again today with 20127 appearing on Y13 in its place. Bruce saw it on Y13 and the next service to Peterborough was K14 with 20107. All the B7s were in use on the X1 save 37159. Timekeeping was pretty poor today, particularly from Peterborough, however, the bus station was closed for a time this morning after a sudden daeth I am told.
37566 was spare at Lowestoft today and 37579 received a service at King's Lynn. Still no sign of 37563. Bruce says L12 with 37578 did not pass through the villages this morning and it is debatable as to whether it used the bypass or failed to work west of Lynn.

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