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Wednesday 21st April 2010 ~ Elephants Galore

For the first time on a working day in over a month, a completely low floor service was in operation today. This was achieved by utilising all the Gemini fleet with the exception of 37568, 37158 & 37160. Punctuality was once again good. 37565 & 37579 returned to X1 use in the place of 34108 and 37568. Err.... that's it really !
One nugget I neglected to mention in yesterday's blog came from John W who says "Hi Gerard - Not of direct interest for X1 (I trust), but a long time no see Premiere on Lynn Bus Station this morning was trainer 20128 - looking especially scruffy ! As you would expect, the 3 from Hunst'on were 20109/18/21 with 20121 doing the X40 stint".

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