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X1 Summary Friday April 9th - Monday April 12th

Because I was away this weekend, the blog for the above dates consists of a summary.

Friday 9th
37160 on the long distance turn, Y6, photographed at Peterborough rail station this morning by Peter who was off on one of his beer trips.
A few gaps today, but the undoubted highlight was 20118 in use on K4. 37578 replaced it at some point and later 118 had in turn replaced 37562 on K5. Both swaps were due to maintenance schedules.20107 continued its exploits on K2 and 34108 was also out, working K16. 37157 and 37569 were kept at Lowestoft for maintenance.Y6 had the delights of 37160, which probably needed refuelling this evening if recent events are anything to go by. Jamie V reported 20127 arriving at Lowestoft at teatime with X1 Not in Service on the blinds, however, a passenger alighted.

Saturday 10th
37562 was back on K17 today, but 20107 was a surprise on L9 because 37567 was unavailable. L12, the single Lowestoft - Peterborough and return trip turn is thought to have been worked by 37157. 37160 returned home on L11. Paragons 20500/1 are reported at Norwich Vulcan Road today.

Sunday 11th
Not a great deal of note today, but B7 37156 was out. All other turns are believed to have been B9 Geminis.

Monday 12th
B10M 20118 had a major 'E' service today and some of its rust patches appear to have been painted up. Sister schools vehicle 20121 had a stint on the X40 Hunstanton route as there is a shortage of double deckers locally. 37158/9 were also on local King's Lynn work today. The Beast escaped fron Lynn on K1 meaning it should end up at Yarmouth tonight.
Still no sign of 37563 and at Lowestoft 34108 returned to local work.

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