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Thursday April 22nd 2010 ~ Mistaken Identity ?

This morning all signs pointed to a driver taking the wrong bus, when K2 which ends at Lowestoft appeared with Lynn allocated 37158 and K3 which is a Lynn internal diagram had 37157. Whatever was intended, K2 stuck with 37158 - which now has most of its fleet number missing from the front and could possibly be how the error occurred - and 37157 being nicked at Lowestoft whence it worked the 17.08 X2, thanks to Sam for the gen. 20107 then turned up at Wisbech on K3, running 16 late apparently because of an accident at the Pullover Roundabout.
During the day, most services ran on average 5 minutes behind time. Royale 34108 worked L12 today as 37563 was stopped for maintenance and at Lynn 37575 was hastily despatched to Volvo with a fuel fault. Another fault on 37573 saw this changed tonight and 37577 off Y7 worked the 21.35 to Lowestoft.
20501 passed its MOT at King's Lynn today, but a month ago was spotted in Central  London heading up Park Lane towards Marble Arch by Simon Hussey, to whom thanks for allowing us to use the pic above.  Have a look at Simon's other photographs at :

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Nick Field said...

now allocated at Chelmsford Depot and was in Southampton yesterday