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Monday April 19th 2010 ~ Royale Rumpus

Well today was strange in more ways than one ! The 10.18 Wisbech - Peterborough (06.45 from Gorleston), Y9, left Wisbech on time with 37572 and ran down Nene Quay as booked, however, it then took a very tight right turn over the old town bridge !! I had thought it would then travel via Wisbech St. Mary, but Rob H enlarges on this : "I'm reliably advised that the 10.18 bus to Peterborough left the Horsefair as usual, went along Nene Quay, then turned right over the Town Bridge, via Old Market, North Street and Freedom Bridge and left Wisbech via the Churchill Road and Weasenham Lane route. No idea as to why! ". Investigations are underway to find out why this strange tour of Wisbech was taken. The service was pretty full when I saw it so there should be plenty of perplexed passengers.
Later on Royale 34108 which was on L12 had problems in Norwich. Scania 65552 deputised to King's Lynn where B7 37157 which had arrived at Lynn on L11 went forward to Peterborough.
After the weekend, an imbalance of correctly allocated B9 s at Lynn saw Lowestoft's 37563/4/6/7/8/9 all available. These were sent out on Lowestoft based duties with the exception of 37568 which extremely unusually did Lynn internal job K3 and 37566 which was spare, but replaced 37577 on L8. L8 changed power again at Lowestoft when 577 was replaced by 578 !
The 'Beast' 20107 worked Lowestoft terminator K2 today. Rob Brooks contacted me late on with some gen :
"K4 37563 0926 Wisbech - Lowestoft d0930
L8 37577 0946 Wisbech - Peterborough a0941
K5 37576 0956 Wisbech - Peterborough at Tesco's 0953
Y6 37573 0935 Peterborough - Lowestoft
L8 37578 2010 Peterborough - Lowestoft
L10 37159 2110 Peterborough - Kings Lynn

Does this 2110 to Lynn still do a working to Hunstanton afterwards?" . Well yes Rob, I think it does, but not on Saturdays.
B9 37570 has suddenly become the first of its type with character. The last few days it has developed a loud roar when accelerating. Today I heard it well in advance of appearing past my window and it reminded me of 20107 in its loud days.

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Des Speed said...

Wisbech detour - The Yarmouth driver of the 10.18 ex Wisbech hadn't driven the route for some 7 weeks previous to this journey. He reported that he got to Town Bridge and observed the quay workings on North Brink and didn't know if he would encounter a road closure further along South Brink. So, he decided that he would not risk an outward journey via South Brink and took the detour as described.