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Thursday 8th April 2010 ~ Heading West

I headed off to Herefordshire this afternoon. Bruce, John W, Andy and Peter sent in reports for us. Bruce says "Well the Blogmeister is away at his convention for a few days. I'm not sure what convention - I can only assume he is trying to make a name as a standup comedian by reading extracts from the X1 blog at the event !  Anyway I discussed things with my Unite rep and found that writing a blog would not affect my redundancy pay (as Gerard now has his own observatory) or my travel concessions so here goes:-

K1 37565 15 late at 17.49
K2 37572
K3 20118 (all day)
K4 37575
K5 37159
Y6 37578
Y7 37574
L8 37564
Y9 37156
L10 The Beast 14 late at 12.48
L11 37570
L12 The BBBB 10 late at 13.44
Y13 37567
K14 37566
K15 37579
K16 37157
K17 The Mancunian 18 late to PB
K18 37158
K19 37577 22 late at 17.26
John W adds "37575 replaced '576 Lowestoft bound at Lynn. This was at around 10.10 so I expect it was the 10.02 departure (K4) running late. Next through was 37159, and on time." This makes sense as 576 had just been serviced and 575 was due for the same. 37563/8/9 all absent today.

Rob Brooks photographed 37575 - the pesky one as he calls it because of the frequency with which he seems to travel on it,  alongside some Stagecoach opposition at Peterborough Queensgate on Wednesday afternoon.

Andy was about today to capture the departure of 'The Beast' with a very familiar driver on L10 13.02 Lynn to Lowestoft, while 37157 awaits departure on the 13.15 to Peterborough.

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