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Friday 23rd April 2010 ~ Missing Buses and Where Are My Sunglasses ?

37576 near Walpole heading east on K2 this morning. My camera failed to capture the destination screen working - a common problem with digicams. The car just visible on the right is on the A47 bypass.
Y13 has always had a rather poor reputation for late running on Friday lunchtimes, particularly in the Summer. Today though it failed to run at all as the 11.45 King's Lynn - Peterborough and 13.05 return. L12 was 10 late from Wisbech with 37158 and K14 was only a minute down 37566 being complete with a healthy loading due to the missing Y13. This evening Y13 ran as normal with 37567 as booked, so possibly a driver shortage was the reason for its earlier cancellation. Weight was added to this theory this evening when the 19.50 Lynn - Peterborough & 21.10 return were also cancelled with 37563 retiring to Vancouver Avenue instead.
Elsewhere things ran pretty well until a  flood of eastbound sun seekers deluged the A47 at teatime. Returning services from Peterborough were 37562 (K17) 11 late, 34108 (K18) 10 late outward but 26 late returning, K19 with 37572 on time outward and 24 late coming back on the 16.05 ex Peterborough. Things then eased and 20107 on K1 was only a few minutes late returning east.
The state of the chassis on 20107 is a major cause for concern and the likelihood of it receiving another MOT in June is receding by the day, so get your pictures and journeys on it while you can.
37575's visit to Volvo was very quick and it was back this evening and also repaired was 37573 which had a minor problem with its oil pressure switch.
Paragon 20501 was back on the road today and provided a touch of class to patrons of K3.

This is 34108 on K18 this afternoon pictured from X1 blog HQ. Note the battered state of the roof and the outdated advert for December's St. Trinians release

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