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Saturday April 3rd 2010 ~ A Barbie Easter

As expected 20127 was in use today and it worked K4. It caught me ny surprise at Walpole, hence the photo taken through my car window complete with rain splashes at 09.35 dead on time. Grahame was more organised though and took a nice shot of it at Norwich at around Midday. (see pictures). What was less expected was the appearance of 20107 on L12, the out and back turn from Lowestoft which is then booked to go light to Yarmouth for Sunday X1 use. It is seen leaving Walton Highway eastbound in the picture.

37158 on L11 was removed at King's Lynn at 10.40 and 37576 took its place. Whether this was late leaving for Peterborough is not known, but it was certainly delayed at some point as Peter saw it on the A47 bypass at Tilney heading east at around 13.15 (in fact only about 10 minutes late). as a result 20107 on L12 had a heavy loading and was itself around 10 late. Geminis 37563/4/9 were all absent today.
37566 on K16 passing Walpole during an overcast spell at lunchtime.

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