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Tuesday 20th April 2010 ~ Illuminating

Two new bus stop shelters have been installed either side of the Walton Road traffic lights east of Wisbech, replacing those demolished last week which Peter informs me were secondhand when installed. The new black shelters have night lighting and are labelled 'LYNN ROAD' which whilst being true, also apllies to most of the bus stops between Wisbech and Lynn ! May be Walton Road would have been more appropriate ?
Scania 65552 was returned to Vulcan Road this morning with 34108 coming back. This then replaced 37574 on K14 at midday and later 574 itself in turn replaced 37577 on K4 at 16.40.
37570 continues to betray its presence long before it comes into view at my window. Today it was K16. Andy adds "Hi Gerard, interesting you should say about 37570 it certainly has developed a rather loud roar! There is a video of it (posted by JamieVendy) on my photo page" -
 Timekeeping was good today with all delays being under 10 minutes.
With four B7s in use today, 37565/579 were spare at Lowestoft. Paragon 20501 is back at King's Lynn for MOT this week.

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