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Saturday 24th April 2010 ~ 'Robin Hood' Rides Again

37570 was making a lot of noise when photographed departing Walpole Highway on the 10.36 to Lowestoft today. It was removed from Y6 this evening.
Below : 37566 leaves Walton Highway on L8 10.35 Peterborough - Lowestoft today

34108 was being driven by the guy who was on 37570 earlier ! Here the 13.05 from Peterborough heads east.
The X1 emergency vehicles were again in action today : 34108 on Y13 and 20107 on Y7. 37562 had a day off for a service and its place on K17 was taken by 37572. Y10 (diagram 10 which in the week is L10 but which starts at Yarmouth on Saturdays) was not seen this morning and should have been 37569, however, this evening Lowestoft had provided 37565 instead.
37570 continued its impersonation of an aircraft today, but was finally removed from Y6 at 20.30 with B7 37156 which had just arrived at Lynn on L11 being provided as replacement on the 20.35 to Lowestoft. The noise problem on 37570 is believed to be a problem with its hydraulic fan.
Yet another advertising campaign began tonight with hoardings for the new 'Robin Hood' film being affixed to some vehicles. 37158/9 have new ads for 'Squares' and two new designs of Easyjet ads are in the process of adorning most of the fleet.
There are two versions of the current AXA insurance advert shown here on 37576 (above) and 37572 (below)

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