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Wednesday April 14th 2010 ~ I Don't Belieeeeeve It !

Yes, just when I thought the X1 had returned to normality after months of disruption around Wisbech, today proved how wrong I was. Having travelled west of Wisbech a few times lately on the A47, myself and fellow motorists have been involved in complicated chicanes to avoid the abundance of potholes which have appeared following the harsh weather in the past 18 months.
Today, the job of repairing the A47 road surface began with resultant disruption to the X1. The day began pretty normally though. K3 with 37160 for the third day in succession was 7 late into Wisbech to work the 08.56 to Lowestoft. Next eastbound was K4, somewhat surprisingly with 20118 as this turn finishes at Great Yarmouth. 118 was a mere 60 seconds behind time. K5 had 37572, 11 late into Wisbech. Going west L8 was marginally early with 37579, Y9 had 37565 2 minutes late and 37570 was on L10, again fractionally ahead of schedule. L11 had 37567 running 4 late but services after this were diverted via Wisbech St. Mary to avoid the A47 congestion. This had bitten earlier on eastbound services. Y6 with 37577 was not seen, but Y7 with 37576 which had been one minute late going to Peterborough reappeared 27 late on its return. After this the alternative route was taken by 37579 on L8 which was glimpsed in the Old Market at 11.30, just 10 late.
37565 on Y9 returned via the booked route and was 35 late because of this. Things improved punctuality wise after this and 37567 on L11 was 18 late eastbound, L12 with 37568 was seen by Bruce 9 late and 37157 on Y13 was just 6 late from Wisbech on the 13.56 to Lowestoft.
By mid afternoon, services had reverted to their normal route and K2 and K18 due past me at 16.20 were seen passing at 16.24 with 37564 and 37569 respectively. Michael Bryant saw 'The Beast' sitting on standby in Lowestoft bus station today and 34108 was working on the X2. 20118 was removed from K4 at 10.00 with a freshly serviced 37574 working forward, but this wasn't the end of 118s X1 experience as L10 with 37570 was in trouble at 12.30 and 118 was procured to work forward. It completed the diagram which finishes as the 22.05 Peterborough - King's Lynn.
During my absence over the weekend, the bus stops either side of the Walton Road junction at Walsoken have seen thier seats and shelters (which are only about 18 months old) completely demolished and only the concrete bases show where the shelters had stood.

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