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Friday 11th March 2011 ~ Blown Away

As I reported yesterday, 37563 lost its T side ad in the high winds - it was K2 this morning, see picture above -  and it was not alone, for 37159 appeared in a similar state today on K5. The broken ads were binned as can be seen below !

Similar delays to yesterday were down to the Wisbech resurfacing . Being a Friday, this worsened at lunchtiime, 37160 on K14 was 15 late as was 37579 on K15. 20115 was K16 and was only 2 late before it hit the roadworks, it was 10 late returning so didn't fare too badly. K17 was seen 13 late with 37576 and lost a further minute before it was seen going east. K18 (37570) was only 4 late, but K1 was back to 15 late on the 15.48 to Peterborough with 37564. The temporary lights were removed at about 16.00 and services reverted to normal time.
37578 returned from Volvo to King's Lynn today and Malcolm saw 37569 which was not in X1 use, near Lowestoft railway station. No sign of The Beast or 37156 again.
There was some swapping going on this morning at King's Lynn. To begin with 37567 on L12 arrived at 11.07 and was promptly turned round to do Y7 11.32 to Lowestoft. L12 continued to Peterborough with 37572 which had been sent from Vancouver Avenue and the bus which had come in on Y7, 37157 was taken out of service for some reason unknown. This afternoon 37157 did a College of West Anglia contract and then retired to Rowan Road compound.
Grahame says "A couple of sightings from Friday evening, an unidentified elephant (37569 ?) was noted on the 1 Martham-Lowestoft route at Hopton around 18.45, Olympian 34112 then noted on X1 coming from Lowestoft showing Yarmouth on destination heading into the JP Hospital around 5 mins later. Further to Des note re 37566 on the 8a on Thursday morning, I can confirm it did work the route before being swapped later in the morning". Thanks for those bits Grahame and indeed to all our regular correspondents.
Bruce had a trip to Lynn on 37160 today and was full of praise for the B7 ! Pleasant seats and a comfortable journey apparently. He was not so glowing in his reference for the highest mileage B9, 37575, which he endured on K4. "The noises from it are quite alarming and the smell of burning rubber which became more apparent as the journey progressed, are surely not a good sign ? Needless to say the seats were as uncomfortable as ever".

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