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Wednesday 23rd March 2011 ~ Last Rites for 'The Beast' ?

King's Lynn with 37564 departing on K2 09.02 to Lowestoft, on the right 37574 is loading as L8 09.50 to Peterborough. Picture by Des Speed.
Syd says "Bad new for 20107 it seems. Before the required welding took place it was decided to bring forward the MOT pre-check to ensure the effort was worthwhile. The fault list is extensive and expensive and the future looks very bleak for her. Whilst a decision on withdrawal has not been made I very much doubt if another passenger will be getting on board. I will keep you informed of how the situation develops. Sorry to have to be the one to inform you of such bad tidings". Oh Dear ! Poor old Beast - I wonder how many miles the old girl has amassed ? Certainly seems as though we have seen the last of her hereabouts.
If, as expected, it does turn out to be terminal, I will do a history on her in a couple of weeks. If anyone has pictures or info on 20107 prior to the last couple of years, by all means email them to me for possible inclusion.
Today the all low floor service continued successfully. 37573 it turns out was stopped for MOT work last night and it was 37158 that took over. Today the B7 came back on Y9. L10 was 37156 which seemed to be growling when it passed me, but it is well known for its unusual noises. 37157 went to Lowestoft on K18 this morning, Malcolm says "37569 arrived empty from Lowestoft garage and 37157 arrived on the 0651 from Wisbech. This then went empty down the garage and 37569 took over the 1055 service to Peterborough".

The last batch of T side adverts fitted to the X1 fleet on 14th March saw all but 37567/71/72 receive new ads. Of these all had the 'Source Code' fitted except 37575 (seen here) and 37160 which as can be seen are 'Limitless'. This was 37575 arriving at King's Lynn railway station while working K3 08.05 Peterborough to Lowestoft today. DS

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