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Wednesday March 2nd 2011 ~ More Tales from Bruce

Our wandering Editor is off on his travels yet again, doubtlessly studying the Opticians on offer in Carlisle. So while he was away, how did the day go?

K1 was off to a good start being on time with 37575 at 08.01

K2 was next,near enough on time with 37578

K3 was 5 late but with 37158 at 09.40 which was good for a B7L

K4 eluded me - may have been early but got the little blighter at 17.10 with 37573

K5 was 10 late to Peterborough at 08.14 but on time on its return with 37572.

Y6 was on time on both its morning runs with 37566

Y7 achieved the same with 37567

and L8 did likewise with 37576

Y9 I missed due to an emergency dash to the Grammar School with a lab coat but went back to the coast with the Beast in charge, cruising by with effortless ease on time at 12.04

L10 was on time with 37574 and

L11 had the Baby Beast (20115) which blotted its copy book by being 7 late to Peterborough but redeemed itself by being on time on its return.

Then came L12 - 37564, Y13 - 37569 (now indistinguishable from a JCB Fast Trac), K14 - 37568, K15 - 37579, K16 - 37565, K17 - 37571 all on time.

K18 with 37159 was a bit late - I was sitting in the field at the time and fanning myself with an old copy of Buses, having come over all faint at the sight of Perpetually Late 568 being on time in both directions with K14 !

K19 finished my observations with 37577

Now finding out that young Des was on a day off and the above excellent punctuality being aided by the lack of 37156, one had to ponder on whether Des had 37156 at home. Maybe polishing it and installing a teabar for the passengers ready for when it next breaks down on him or did he just choose to show Jean the reason he is often late for tea? Answers on the back of a bus ticket to your Editor c/o Rowan Road.
Thanks for that Bruce, not much I can add really. Coach 20115 may have been OK when it passed you , but later expired at Swaffham at about 14.00 with a malfunctioning door. It returned to Lynn and (I imagine) 37160 worked forward. Given a quick repair at Lynn, the opportunity was taken to take 37159 off K18 and replace it with 115 to get it back to Yarmouth.
From Lowestoft, Malcolm says " Rachel had 37568 on K14 0855 to Peterborough this morning. At the bus station this morning I saw 37571 on the 1025 service (K17) and on the destination screen it said Kings Lynn instead of Peterborough. 37159 worked K18 1055 to Peterborough. I went down to the bus garage and  saw 37157 in the yard. Inside the garage was 37563 and just as I left,  37156 arrived on what looked like a test run (Ah, so it wasn't in Des' back garden then !).  At the bus station 37566 worked Y6 1425 to Peterborough and en route I passed 37572 on the 1355 to Peterborough (K5), 34157 worked the 1308 X2 service from Norwich".

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