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Sunday 27th March 2011 ~ Oh No ! It's the Census

Like all good citizens, the X1 fleet were required to provide details (to the blog) of their whereabouts this morning. Here is the information, which of course is required by law !

King's Lynn
Spare : 37563, 37570, 37576, 37577, 37158, 37159, 37160.

Used on X1 : Internals 37574, 37575, 37578. On Yarmouth terminating turns : 37565, 37566, 37571

Spare : 37567.
On 07.30 X1 (finishes Lowestoft) : 37579
On 08.30 X1 : 37564, 09.30 X1 : 37156 (both ending King's Lynn).

Spare : 37568, 37569, 37572, 37157
On 09.48 to Peterborough : 37573.

There you go, 22 buses for just 10 diagrams on a Sunday and not a coach in sight. Peter says "Sorry to read about the Beast's likely demise - what about buying it for preservation? Any idea how much Worst Group would want for it?". Well whatever it was Peter, it's probably doubled after that last remark ! He's only joking folks.

Grahame Bessey says 'Thought you'd like this one of elephants queueing for fuel at Yarmouth Caister Road this afternoon. 37565 at the front had worked the 10.10 from Peterborough to Lowestoft, while 37156 was used in preference to 37567 on the X1 today.
20115 at Yarmouth garage today. It had done a drivers taxi trip to Norwich earlier. (Grahame Bessey)

With reference to the picture of 37565 above, Des says "Car line XL06 arrives Lowestoft at 14.30 then becomes the 15.10 route 1 departure to Martham, handing over to a Yarmouth local driver at 16.06 in Salisbury Road.It then stays out until 22.30 ! Don't know if it worked today then Des, but an interesting diagram certainly. Perhaps I'll have to pop over with my camera before the timetable ends.
Carl Cox occasionally emails me and says "Was waiting for the 13.48 departure from Lowestoft to Norwich (Peterborough) and was annoyed because the bus (37571) sat in the bus station with driver until finally loading and departing at 14.08". No idea why he adds, may be you can find out ?

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