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Thursday March 17th 2011 ~ Mind The Doors Please

The prodigal bus, 37156 at last returned to traffic today. It was sighted by Michael Bryant on the 10.38 X2 from Lowestoft. The other four B7s were all on the X1, giving a more comfortable, if somewhat slower ride than the B9s.

20126 about to replace 37565 for the 08.55 Lowestoft to Peterborough today. DS
 The recent good punctuality was maintained today with 8 minutes being the maximum lateness recorded by a Gemini. There was an exception though, as K14 which started with 37565 on the 05.37 King's Lynn to Lowestoft, saw this taken out for servicing and Des, (for twas he), was given 20126 to bring back west on the 08.55 to Peterborough. Arriving off a schools turn, 20126 was 10 late departing Lowestoft, but on time by Norwich.
Things went OK until his relieving driver left King's Lynn and was unable to shut the entrance door. A 10 minute delay ensued before it was fixed and when I saw 20126 it was 13 late from Wisbech, but only 6 late on the way back.The fans on 20126 are making a mighty roaring noise at the moment and this reminded me of how 20107 got its name 'The Beast', as at one time it too had this affliction.
Des also provides a petrol price update : 132.9 - Low Tesco ; 129.9 - Nor Sains (Queens Road) ; 130.9 - Easton Sains ; 133.9 - Lynn Tesco.
A number of B9s are having Adblue problems at the moment and 37574/7 are amongst these. 37567 of Lowestoft spent another day at Lynn garage having its Adblue sorted out today, while 37572 passed its MOT.

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