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Friday 25th March 2011 ~ Writing On The Wall

The lingering death of the remaining B10Ms took a decisive turn today, 20104, 20105 and 20121 have all departed from Rowan Road at King's Lynn, presumably for scrap. Reasons for their withdrawal was suspension (20104), bodywork (20105) and accident damage (20121). It has to be said that from an external point of view, the damage to 20121 was minimal, however, the boot area is notorious on B10Ms for corrosion and it may have been worse than first appeared. Obituaries will appear here in due course. This just leaves the two Barbie liveried examples awaiting their certain fate.

Back at Lowestoft, more bad news. Syd updates us "I am sorry to say the repairs to 20107 have NOT been authorised, so its official withdrawal should be in the next few days". He continues "I have decided to finally retire from driving etc this weekend, after 41 years to the day working on the buses. My last part driving shift was on Service 102 driving 42446, 1745 from Carlton Colville on Mon 21st and I handed it over to James! At the time I didnt know it was to be the last journey of course as I didnt make the decision until this morning. I will though be able to update you on events at this end as always".
Well congratulations to Syd for an outstanding period of service. I've been doing my job for almost 35 years and will be quite happy if I can match his record.
The second entirely low floor week this year came to a close this evening with 37568 working Y13 18.48 Lowestoft to Peterborough. The intention had been to take it off at Lowestoft as it was due a safety service, but instead a special request has been made for the King's Lynn fitters to do it in the morning. Tut tut. 37569 is believed to have been in position to do the 18.48 but due to an oversight, 568 was allowed to leave westbound.
37578 and 37579 were both out of traffic at Lynn today for servicing requirements and 579 needs a new screen fitting. 37573 returned to service on K18 today after what must be one of the quickest MOTs ever.
Bruce reports that there didn't seem to be any major delays today.

37575 heads towards Walsoken working K17 10.25 from Lowestoft. This turn is normally 37571, but after an early morning service, this did K5 instead.

37156 has not been the most common performer of late. It had just arrived in King's Lynn on L11 when this picture was taken. The forthcoming new timetable may see the B7s restricted to the eastern end of the service.
The relieving driver fills in his paperwork at King's Lynn before departing with 37570 (with revised destination font ) on the 21.35 to Lowestoft this evening.

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