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Monday 7th March 2011 ~ The Learning Curve Continues

More fun with my camera today and it is beginning to show what it can do. On the X1, it was an entirely low floor day. 37572 had its first day off since 4th January in order to have its CCTV looked at and also under scrutiny by the Volvo engineer at King's Lynn was 37577 which needs a manifold gasket. 37156 continues to be seen in Yarmouth and Lowestoft, but not acually doing anything, so I think it must be an MOT candidate. Somehow 37158 and 37571 found themselves on the wrong turns this afternoon, 571 should have been on K17 as usual, but Bruce noted it on K16, while the B7 worked K17.
Des says "I had 34110 on the 08.52 Yarmouth - Norwich & 09.40 return,  I was told by one of the drivers in the Yarmouth  canteen that 34110 is a bit special, the last Olympian produced. Can you shed any light on this?". Hmm, well I think I've heard this before, but maybe someone can confirm or otherwise for us. ":Later I had B10M 20115 on the 17.10 Norwich to Gorleston, then light back to the depot, hope you like the photos taken at Broadland Business Park and Postwick."


Rob Brooks also had his camera out today and captured 37575 on the road near Eye. It was working K19
and below is my effort from this morning, 37579 on K2.

As you can see, the weather was glorious for much of the day. Malcolm writes "Sightings today were Dart 42448 working the 1438 X2 service to Beccles, 37570 worked Y7 1455 X1 to Kings Lynn, 37563 was on L8 1525 X1 to Peterborough & 37578 worked Y9 1555 to Kings Lynn". Timekeeping was pretty good, but 37565 on Y13 had lost 14 minutes by the time it reached Wisbech on the 13.05 from Peterborough and sister 37566 was also behind time on L10, being seen by Bruce on the A47 bypass heading to Peterborough after an unspecified delay.


Sam Wickham said...

34110 was the last Olympian produced for mainland UK (I think there nay be a newer one in Ireland possibly?)


MT said...

The commentary accompanying model UK4012 produced by Creative Master Northcord states that fleet number 34110 (W437 CWX) was delivered (as its fleet number 437) to Yorkshire Coastliner Ltd in August 2000, as part of a batch of seven 10.5 long vehicles with 72 seater Alexander Royale bodies, powered by Volvo 245 bhp 9.6 litre engines. These were the last Olympian chassis built for the British market, 437 being the very last to enter service.

After leaving Yorkshire Coastliner, this Volvo Olympian arrived in Bath in May 2006 and operated the Bath / Chippenham 231/232 route.

The last Olympian to enter service anywhere was Dublin Bus' RV630 in October 2000. It has an Alexander (Belfast) body. It is believed still to be with this operator.

MT said...

Thank you, Daily Mail, for introducing me to such a fascinating blog. Whilst I have an interest in the bus industry, I had little idea of the trials and tribulations of running such an intensive bus route.

One question: does First still object to this blog? My local bus operator, Metrobus, has an active Facebook site, which provides useful feedback (good and bad) to the company. Surely First could derive much benefit from encouraging and supportng this blog.

Des Speed said...

Thanks for the information regarding 34110.
I can't comment on the 'official' First view on the X1 Blog, but when I have the opportunity to talk to managers, I always try to convey to them that the X1 Blog is not at all derogatory towards First.