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Thursday March 3rd 2011 ~ Bits and Pieces

This morning, 37566 looks to have been sent from Lowestoft to Yarmouth to knock out 20115. 566 had done Y6 yesterday which ends up at Lowestoft garage, but today it appeared on Y13. It would be true to say that another vehicle could have done the Yarmouth to Lowestoft leg of Y13 where 566 took over, giving another possibility.
So with one B10M taken out of service, what of 20107 ?  It was initially grounded at King's Lynn with an electrical fault, but was well enough to take over K4 10.02 King's Lynn to Lowestoft from 37577. The latter had a problem with its driver's seat. The Beast worked for the rest of the day ending up at Yarmouth tonight.
Temporary traffic lights on Lynn Road in Wisbech were in operation from about 10.00 until 16.00 and long queues developed at times. Most services lost between five and ten minutes, with worst performer being 37578 on L11 which was just over 10 late. At lunchtime, I saw 37579 on K15 12.45 King's Lynn to Peterborough arriving in Wisbech on Churchill Road to avoid the delays. As a result it was on time in both directions. 37571 on K17 was not seen passing my office at 14.20 and doubts as to whether it ran at this point were raised, particularly when it returned on the 15.05 from Peterborough two minutes early at 15.48. Any services from Peterborough passing me before 20 or 50 minutes past the hour are rare, but this was exceptional.
37156 was working one of the local schools contracts at Beccles today, but on the X2, all the B7 Presidents were noted working by Michael Bryant for the first time for months. Bruce saw 37570 fresh from its MOT undergoing ramp examination at Vancouver Avenue this afternoon. 37565 had a day off for servicing at Lowestoft.

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