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Wednesday 16th March 2011 ~ Bus Halts Norwich

There was major disruption in Norwich this morrning, when a bus broke down on the yellow traffic box coming out of St Stephens Street, bringing traffic to at a standstill around St Stephens Street, Chapelfield Road and Grapes Hill. To set the record straight, it was not a 'First' vehicle, but it did cause chaos for two hours from 07.30. Eastbound X1 services arriving at Lowestoft from 09.10 (K15, K16 & K17) were all delayed by about 30 minutes. Surprisingly there were no vehicle swaps as a result.
20126 was used on K14 today, but 37567 which may otherwise have done this turn, was off the road with an adblue problem and stayed in Vancouver Avenue all day.
 Here in the west, the timetable was pretty accurately portrayed and a maximum delay of 7 minutes was the worst recorded in the day. It was interesting to see the progress of 37569 on the 12.35 from Peterborough - going west it had passed me 7 late, coming back it was late into Lynn due to more Wisbech temporary lights and departed with Des at 14.08 (6 late), By Swaffham it was 5 late, but at Dereham had regained all the lost time.
Michael Bryant phoned to say that a King's Lynn B7, 37159, had unusually appeared on the X2, working the 10.38 & 13.38 services out of Lowestoft. 37563 off servicing took the place of 37159 on L11.

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