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Monday 21st March 2011 ~ A Trick Of The Light

I was otherwise engaged today, but thanks to Bruce and Des for completing a full log of X1 diagrams. The only swap was 37579 which came into King's Lynn on Y7 06.10 from Yarmouth and was taken off and replaced by 37159. This was so that minor repairs involving adblue, injectors and the like could be carried out. The service was all low floor today and buses mostly ran according to the timetable. 37570 was L10 today and tonight I passed it on the 21.10 from Peterborough heading towards its destination, King's Lynn. When I saw it approaching, I thought it had been swapped because 570 has the narrow font destination and the bus coming towards me had the larger variety. Not so, 37570 had its font changed whilst at Lowestoft yesterday and this now leaves just four with the narrow typeface.
Malcolm and Michael both spotted 37566 working the 15.08 Lowestoft to Norwich X2 this afternoon, while at Lynn, 37158 was serviced. Malcolm confirms that 'The Beast' is still parked up at Lowestoft depot.

Passengers ! Dontcha hate 'em ? Well sometimes anyway. 37160 working L12 12.35 Peterborough - Lowestoft had to have the Norwich cleaners alerted at Dereham this afternoon. On arrival at Norwich they set to work on the unpleasant task of cleaning the top deck, after a sleeping bladdered passenger not wearing a nappy had deposited his lager all over a seat and the floor. The bus was temporarily taken out of service while this took place, but was able to resume eventually.
Des says "Today a passenger boarded at Peterborough with a return train ticket bought just minutes before at the rail station - Cost £7.00. The return price on the bus is £9.00. Train Line doesn't offer a return at £7.00, so it must be an off peak special or something ?"

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