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Tuesday 1st March 2011 ~ There's No Stopping 158 !

A bit of a strange one at lunchtime, 37158 working the 12.56 Wisbech to Lowestoft (L11) was behind me approaching Walton Road at Walsoken, where three passengers were waiting. Two women who were deep in conversation and a man all stood at the rear of the bus shelter and despite them all seeing the bus coming, they didn't budge at which 37158 went sailing past. One of the women then tried to hail the bus after it had passed !
Now I can just imagine her firing off a letter to 'First' Head Office, but it was entirely her fault. Surely everyone knows that you have to make some effort to attract the driver's attention ? After all, they could quite easily have been waiting for the Norfolk Green operated Wisbech town service
This morning 37570 was seen approaching the Southgates webcam at 08.20 on its way back from a chassis wash at ARM (Setch). It should have its MOT on Thursday. Malcolm saw 37157 in St. Peter's Street in Lowestoft today, seemingly returning to Gasworks Road from its MOT at Yarmouth.
Michael Bryant saw 37564 on Lowestoft operated school contract 007 this afternoon and speaking of education, Rachel reported 37579 on Y13 today which she catches to East Norfolk College - another X1 blog recruit !
B10Ms earning their keep today were 20115 on K2 (that's her on the left passing Bruce and myself this morning) and 20107 on Y7. On arrival at Lynn at 18.07, 'The Beast' was kept at the bus station and then relieved 37572 (for servicing) on L8 which finishes as the last service to Lowestoft, off Peterborough at 20.10. B7s 37156/7/60 were all absent from the X1 today. Punctuality was pretty
fair today after yesterday afternoon's disruption.

Contrasting liveries of  B9 (front) and B7 (rear) Geminis at King's Lynn.  DS

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