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Saturday 26th March 2011 ~ Illustrated Blog

37158 on K3 08.05 Peterborough - Lowestoft photographed at Norwich bus station today by Grahame Bessey
There will probably more than the usual number of photos in the blog in the coming week, as I will be rather busy leading up to next weekend when I am otherwise engaged with Test Cards, Films and the like.
Today was quite easy, as most things seemed to run smoothly and that means there is not a lot to say. 37568 was quickly despatched back to Lowestoft on the early eastbound run (K14) and 37157 replaced it - just as well really as there was nothing else ! All the B9 Geminis were in action for a change with 37156/7/8.
Des provides us with updated fuel charges as follows : Petrol - 131.9 @ Tesco Low, 129.9 @ Sains Central Norw, 130.9 @ Sains Easton and 132.9 @ Tesco Lynn.
King's Lynn buses were tonight plastered with ads for two new films 'Rio' and 'Your Highness'.

37569 has had its fan fixed now and was seen in Acle today by Grahame while working the 06.22 King's Lynn - Lowestoft (K16). It also retains the small font destination.
The weather was pretty dismal over in the west too as typified by the background to 37565 heading out of Walsoken on the 10.05 Peterborough - Lowestoft.

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