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Monday March 14th 2011 ~ Didn't We Have A Lovely Time....

...................the day we went to Bangor", so says the song, but in fact it was Brighton which your bloggers headed to today, leaving the X1 to the powers that be.
37571 before departure from Great Yarmouth Market Gates with the first westbound service of the day Y6 05.50 to Peterborough. Picture : Des Speed
We did see some services early on of course and here are a few pictures to prove it. Bruce and myself met Des Speed at King's Lynn railway station and I managed to test out my camera in the bright conditions ....

37564 calls at King's Lynn rail station working  K1 07.00 Peterborough - Lowestoft

37565 is about to emerge from Portland Street and call at King's Lynn railway station on Y7 06.10 from Yarmouth (the 08.45 from King's Lynn) to Peterborough.

Once on board the 08.59 train to London, the X1 receded from our minds a little and we enjoyed our trip to the South Coast. After meeting up with our friend Tony at King's Cross, we carried on to Brighton for lunch in Wetherspoons and a walk down the pier, plus plenty of bus photography.

Tony, Bruce and Des posing in front of Brighton Pier
As can be seen here, there was no shortage of buses to photograph in Brighton
Meanwhile, back in East Anglia, Andy James was about to see the only coach working of the day, 20126 on K14, here is his picture taken at lunchtime.

Malcolm also enjoyed a day out today and decided to do the X1 to Wisbech. He says "I really enjoyed my day out on the X1 and in Wisbech. Rachel had 37579 on the 0815 X1 (Y13) this morning and I saw it twice myself. Firstly on the 1305 service from Peterborough and again in Hopton-on-Sea on the 1848 to Peterborough. I saw most of the Gemini’s today, the only ones I didn’t see were, 37156, 37563 and 37575. There was a Gemini in Kings Lynn garage but unfortunately I don’t know which one. I had 37573 on K17 1025 ex Lowestoft and returning on K16 1526 ex Wisbech to Lowestoft I had 37160".
I can confirm that 37575 was the Gemini seen by Malcolm in King's Lynn garage, 37572 was also in the area on MOT prep. 37563 was the one Malcolm missed, it did L12. There was one swap today for servicing requirements, 37564 did the first part of K1 and then did the 15.08 X2 to Norwich with 37157 taking over on the 11.55 X1 to Peterborough.

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