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Sunday 20th March 2011 ~ Glowing Praise

Not a lot to report today. My friend John arrived from London and on arrival at Peterborough, boarded the 12.10 X1 to Wisbech. This was 37564 which departed bang on time, arriving at Wisbech just a minute or so late. The driver was very polite says John and a credit to the service.
 Later we popped out for a drink after a lot of hard work for the forthcoming Test Card Circle Convention - yes you did read that right ! King's Lynn garage contained all the B7s bar 37160. For the record, 37156 returned to X1 use yesterday when it worked L11. Its last appearance had been prior to its MOT on 28th February.
37570 photographed coming in to Walton Highway on K16 yesterday and being pursued by a Norfolk Green local. Today 37565/6/70 & 37160 were all spare at Lowestoft.

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