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Saturday March 5th 2011 ~ A Postscript

After yesterday's failure, 37576 was recovered into King's Lynn and with Lowestoft providing 37569 as a replacement, this left Lowestoft short this morning. I'm not sure why 37156 or 20107 could not be used, 156 was seen by Malcolm yesterday on the 14.38 X2 to Beccles and The Beast was on the X1, but there you are.  Anyway, this meant L12 could not be covered, so the driver went passenger to Yarmouth, where he picked up 20126. This worked forward at 08.42, but was taken off at Lynn and replaced by 37569. A Lowestoft driver then had to travel passenger all the way to Lynn to take 20126 back to Yarmouth.
The rest of today seemed to pass off without incident and was otherwise Gemini operated. Malcolm reports a shortage of Darts at Lowestoft with 66177 and 34158 working on the 101 local service this afternoon.

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