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Saturday 12th March 2011 ~ Like For Like

This driver is a well known face on the X1 and he's probably done more miles than the 243,000 amassed by 37566. As the lowest mileage B9 (with the exception of 37571 which spent 17 months out of service)  , 566 has now recorded 41k less than the most travelled example, 37575.  37566 was photographed on K14 leaving Walton Highway today.
Lowestoft sent back boomerang B10M 20115 on L11 today - it was certainly on the turn when seen arriving in Wisbech 12 late at lunchtime. During the afternoon though, an unusual swap took place , I would guess at Yarmouth, when 20115 was replaced, not by a Gemini, but by 20126.
Although I wasn't about this morning, this afternoon timekeeping seemed very inconsistent. 37577 on L12 , making more noise than a Gemini should, was just 2 late returning from Peterborough. K16 with 37567 turned up 9 late going west and later K1 with 37158 was 16 late from Wisbech, but due to some smart working was dead on time through Walpole Highway on its way back at 17.36.
For some reason there were some very unorthodox vehicle allocations out of King's Lynn this morning. As I mentioned, 37158 was K1 - the first B7 to start this turn since the same bus did so on October 16th last. K3 and K5 which are both normally solid Lynn buses had 37568 & 37565 respectively. This was also noteworthy as this was the first time a Lowestoft bus has worked a Lynn internal diagram this year. For the record this hadn't happened since 22nd December, so to get two in one day was very strange.
37575 was taken off Y6 at Lynn at 17.40 with a driver's seat fault and 37570 which came in on the 18.07 arrival (Y7) worked forward to Peterborough after some delay. 37570 had made up all but 3 minutes on the return journey. 37159 was sidelined at Lynn with a roll bar defect and 37572 (below) was stopped for MOT preparation, which might partially explain the unusual workings.
Syd says  " A quick update on 20107’s status.  It was found to require some more welding at the last safety service, this should be carried out shortly although it is approaching its next MOT and things dont look to good for it." Well only to be expected I suppose, with the colossal amount of work 20107 has done. Let's hope she has one final fling though.

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