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Friday March 4th 2011 ~ Hardboiled 576

A rare B9 failure occurred this morning, 37576 on K3 08.05 Peterborough - Lowestoft was in trouble near Dereham with a coolant leak. Des writes "Driving eastward on the Dereham bypass, I noticed vapour at the rear of the bus. Once into Hockering, I got out to check and saw that there was a small pool of water at the rear nearside. Not much, we'd get to Norwich. I informed all of the passengers and away we went. We'd only gone about a mile when the dashboard lit up with the warning notice and warning beeps, water temp rose to 120C within a minute. Max speed was reduced to 25 mph and I managed to get to the layby just before the Honingham roundabout. Passengers were informed and just one phonecall was made to Yarmouth. All sorted. Passengers were safely put onto the next eastbound X1 and I waited for the Norwich engineers with our broken water hose".

K3 was taken over at Lowestoft by 37569 for the 12.55 to Peterborough, although it had lost 24 minutes by Wisbech.
Bruce had a ladies day today, with one of his female fans working Y6 - a fact that went down well with him, as she was driving 'The Beast'. Out with his camera to record its return, he then had another waving session with Karen who was working L11 with 37158. Yesterday's temporary lights at Wisbech did not reappear today and services ran very well for a Friday, apart from K3 and the aforementioned 37158 which was 17 late on the 12.05 from Peterborough.
This is what happens when 20107 picks up a wheelchair passenger. Surprising to think that until three years ago, this was the only way they could be conveyed. DS

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