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Tuesday 22nd March 2011 ~ Another One Bites The Dust

Someone at Lowestoft has obviously set themselves a target to eliminate the remaining narrow font destinations on the B9s. Today I glimpsed 37564 heading to Peterborough on L11 and was pretty certain that in common with 37570 (see yesterday's blog), it too had been reset to the large display. I decided to get a picture on its return, in the hope that the display would capture and I could post the result here. Turned out 37564 has indeed been altered as you can see here :
I don't know why, but I failed to notice until I was looking at the picture later that it was Mr. Speed driving and he didn't spot me either !
It remains to be seen whether the remaining B9s with narrow font displays will follow suit, but the odd one out is 37579 which began life with the large display and then, after a trip to Volvo for attention, emerged with the narrow font.
It was a good day for X1 travellers today - everything was near enough on time and the whole service low floor. 37569 passed me on K14 and I'm pretty certain it has had its noisy fan fixed at long last.
There were temporary traffic lights causing tailbacks in Dereham today at the Neatherd Road/Wellington Road junction. Some enterprising drivers took an alternative route out of Dereham via Dereham Road & Draytonhall Lane to miss the congestion. The same applied going east with a different route used via  London Road & High Street to avoid the delays.
37573 was taken off K18 this afternoon for some unscheduled reason and the absence of 37158 appears to indicate that it was the bus which worked forward.

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