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Thursday 10th March 2011 ~ Windy Diversions

Now that the warranty period on the B9s has expired, visits to Volvo may become more common. Today 37578 was taken to Norwich for brake caliper repairs to be evaluated. 37563 had an eventful day, it was pulled up at Thorney this afternoon during today's high winds after the T side advert became detached. It was attended by fitters and was later able to continue on Y13. This evening though it was involved in  a diversion after an accident near Acle and Y13 due at King's Lynn at 21.42 and K15 an hour behind it, both arrived at Lynn around 23.00. King's Lynn supplied 37160 which had earlier come in on K5 to do the 21.50 King's Lynn to Peterborough..
37568 started the day on K1 but was taken off at Lowestoft and replaced by 37157. Syd writes "Just when you think the B9s have been everywhere possible that they can get, another first has transpired.  Lowestoft runs an evening Contract every Thursday for John Turner House, to take mentally handicapped people to and from a social club. This has been operated since Waveney District Council was absorbed in 1977 without a break. This Thursday, the allocated Olympian ( usually one of 34155-8 are currently used ) had a problem so 32213 was substituted. This then refused to start and the ONLY other bus available was 37568. As the driver had a Digital Tacho, so the system could be maintained, it was reluctantly decided to let it do the Contract. Another first for a White Elephant".
The X2 had Trident 33154 out again today when it worked the 11.10 from Norwich. Michael Bryant reports President 32212 back out of use at Lowestoft (it has spent a lot of time in this state) and 32213 under maintenance. More disturbingly, he reports 20107 sidelined here for the last three days.
Blondie was sighted driving K2 this morning, spot on time at Walpole at 08.31 with the ever noisier 37569 and later she was on 37574 on K18, 7 late to Peterborough on the 14.48 from Wisbech but only a minute in arrears returning.
Resurfacing on Lynn Road in Wisbech added time to most services today, about 6 minutes being the average lateness. Things were particularly bad at teatime with 37157 being sighted by Bruce on K1 negotiating the speed bumps on Norwich Road in Walsoken to avoid the roadworks. It was 15 late leaving on the 15.48 to Peterborough.
Coach 20115 worked L12 all day and 37571 had a rare day off for maintenance, seen below at King's Lynn garage this evening.

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