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Tuesday 29th March 2011 ~ As Normal As It Can Be

The Geminis are making for a very incident free blog at the moment. I am away from Thursday until Monday, so please email me any reports as usual and I will blog on my return. 37158 and 37572 were spare at King's Lynn today and 37156 at Lowestoft.
Bruce phoned today that 20127 and 20131 had departed from Rowan Road and with the absence of any other blown up vehicles, Saddlebow Rowan Road was devoid of any buses whatsoever - a situation which has not arisen for several years ! More obituaries for the B10Ms to come when I get a minute.

37577 hasn't been seen in these columns for a while. Today it was photographed on K15 12.45 King's Lynn to Peterborough.

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