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Friday 16th September 2011 ~ Radio GaGa

I was at the BBC today, so Bruce provided details of sightings. The usual mid afternoon collapse of timings occurred with K14 being 25 late and later K19 was 23 late. 37157/8 did something odd, but I'm not sure what !
Ian Cornwell contacted me today and said "I don't know whether you follow 'The Archers' on Radio 4 or not, but there is something you should know being the top X1 man in town ". Well, no, I don't follow it actually Ian, but he explains :
 " This week Clarrie Grundy had a bout of depression and left Ambridge without warning. Upon her return we learned that she had travelled to Borchester and caught the coach to Peterborough ! Here she arrived late and spent the night in the bus station (the scriptwriters have obviously never tried this) and then intended to visit her sister in Great Yarmouth. In the event she didn't go, because their wasn't a bus until the afternoon !!!" Ian says " There is no need for me to tell you that clearly they hadn't done their homework, because as you know the X1 operates every 30 minutes".
In their defence, I suppose there isn't an advertised coach service to Great Yarmouth until the 308 at about 16.00, so maybe they were basing their script on that, rather than the X1. Mind you Cheryl tried to find the timings for the 308 (Birmingham - Yarmouth) the other day and failed miserably, there being no details on the net. In the end she had to phone National Express to find out !

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