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Thursday 22nd September 2011 ~ Shaky Start

Des writes " My first duty today involved the 07.30 Yarmouth - Lowestoft then 08.15 Lowestoft - Peterborough as far as Lynn (Y13). The pre service check on 37563 revealed adblue tank empty, adblue system failure and engine derated. Everything was done to try and rectify, but to no avail. I said that I would drive 37563 in its present condition and Richard would arrange it to be changed at Lynn at 11.37. Then, at approximately 08.55, everything reset itself and we had a full adblue tank, no failure warnings and full power ! In th end 37575 replaced 563 at Lynn while Martyn, the Volvo engineer fitted a new adblue tank sensor on 563 at Lynn garage".

This was about the only incident on a remarkably quiet X1 day. Several services were up to 6 minutes late, but none had lost any more time than this. 37574 had an outing on the X2 from early on. Des saw it at Norwich at 09.45 and Michael Bryant then spotted it on the 11.08 ex Lowestoft and finally Malcolm reports it on the 15.03 westbound from Lowestoft too.
All other Geminis were in service apart from 37156 which was at Lynn for servicing.

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