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Monday 26th September 2011 ~ New Diagrams

New diagrams for drivers and buses began today. On the vehicle side, only two car lines seem to be affected. These involve Y6 which on arrival with the 19.10 Peterborough to Lowestoft previously retired to Gasworks Road, but now returns light to Yarmouth and L8 20.10 from Peterborough which now does the opposite and instead of running light to Yarmouth goes straight to Lowestoft garage.
Yesterday's derailment near Saddlebow resulted in several rail replacement buses being provided. Tonight Harrods and Towlers coaches were seen along with WLT916, a Leyland Olympian now with Ensign Bus (originally registered C816BYY).
There are no longer any First vehicles available for hire at Lynn, although a stranger here this week has been Norwich's 33248, a Dennis Trident registered LT52WVA which has been undergoing MOT.
X1 Gemini 37563 has started the MOT programme rolling again this week and it should return to traffic at the end of the week.
37159 was Lowestoft spare bus today and ended up working the 14.08 X2 to Norwich. On the X1 tonight, 37573 was unable to work the final leg of K17 back from Lowestoft to Lynn and 37158 off K16 depuitised.

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