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Saturday 17th September 2011 ~ Explanations and Mysteries

37576 on K2 nearest the camera passes Y6 with 37569 at Faulkner's Tunnel, West Drove North this morning.
Yesterday's puzzle regarding 37157 and 37158 was explained today. K16 on Friday began with 37158, this was kept at Lowestoft where 37157 was sent back westbound, BUT only as far as Lynn where 37566 replaced it. This was to enable a modification to be made to 37157 at Vancouver Avenue. After concerns about the gear changing speeds on B7s, 157 was modified so that the change of gear takes place at 2000 revs instead of 1500. Des took it on a test run and it appeared to be a success. As a result, today 37156. 37159 and 37160 were all given the same treatment. I think 37159 was done early and was able to work K1, however, it was not seen through Wisbech this afternoon, so maybe it was done then instead of working the afternoon Peterborough leg of the turn.
Timekeeping ws quite good for a Saturday and the only turn seen running in excess of 10 minutes late was K15 with 37563. This was at least 15 late on the 12.45 Lynn to Peterborough and 26 late returning on the 14.05 service.
Tonight 37567 on Y13 was unavailable for some reason and the service was heavily delayed, eventually running with 37570 off L12.

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