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Monday 12th September 2011 ~ Abduction

Timekeeping today was good and only K19 14.45 King's Lynn to Peterborough passed Wisbech notably late. It was 9 late with 37567, BUT, for some reason, L8 09.15 from Lynn westbound did not pass me. Maybe it took an alternative route for reasons unknown, however, it did return on time with 37579, bearing a new advert :  'Abduction' it said - so that was it, 579 had been abducted ?? Said new ad was accompanied by a new rear ad, which set a new record for small print - the text of which is impossible to read unless you are standing next to the bus with a magnifier. What a waste of money to whoever commissioned it ? Anyway , also noted abducted during the day were 37563 & 37574 and these too both had the illegible rear ad !
So we have L8 missing on the outward and then Y9 also failed to appear in either direction, despite having left the coast with 37564. These two absences remain unexplained. 37566 & 37570 were serviced at Lynn on the early shift and 570 was Ok to work K4, while 566 took over K5 at 10.32 so that 37569 could be stopped for its MOT work.
Des says "37159 was mine for the 15.42 Yarmouth to King's Lynn terminator. We departed  -3 (15.45) and were then delayed at Norwich. Anglian no. 4 on the National Express stop, National Express partially on his stop and also blocking stop 2 with his rear. I did think of stopping at stop 1, but that had approx fifty passengers waiting for a Wymondham bus - to have then made my sixty or so awaiting passengers  move stops would have been disastrous and delayed the Wymondham bus. Norwich -5 (16.30). Slow out of Norwich, slow on the A47 too, arrived Lynn -11 (18.18)".

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