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Sunday 4th September 2011 ~ Olympic Cast Offs ?

New vehicles for the X1 which we reported as being in the pipeline, are allegedly going to be initially used for the Olympics in London before transfer ! Well we will see, but several of the B9s are now approaching mileages of 340,000, so something will need to happen before long.
37579 working the 15.50 King's Lynn to Peterborough was 13 late this afternoon while at some point 37566 was changed on K1 for 37157. This evening 37574 was 3 early on the 18.10 ex Peterborough, an unusual occurrence these days. Malcolm reports 37566 working K1 and  37573 arriving on K2. This afternoon 37568 worked K5 and  37572 arrived on K6 before working the 15.10 service 1A to Martham.

1 comment:

jim long said...

Hi Gerard.
Well the new Gemmies won't have clocked up many miles if they are only being used at the Olympiic's,that's one good thing,provided they are stored until then.