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Sunday 18th September 2011 ~ Buses on Show

Today Bruce and myself had a day out courtesy of Norfolk Green. We were invited to travel aboard their black liveried Optare Spectra to Showbus at Duxford. As usual a grand day was had by all and the weather was considerably kinder than last year, in fact the showers managed to avoid us altogether.
Thanks to a friendly supervisor at First, we were able to enjoy the day without worrying about what was on the X1, having been furnished with a full list of the vehicles out in our absence.
We met Des, Andy, Richard, Terence and Michael B at various points during the day and here are a few pictures from the show :
YIL3196 (ex N133SJF), one of two Emblings B10Ms on show

RPU869M in Eastline livery must have been an X1 route performer at one time. Follow this link to see her at Ipswich in a 1983 photo by John Law

OVF 229 appears in the blog again, this time someone had kindly blinded her up for the 336 King's Lynn to Peterborough !
Here's Bruce and myself with a smart 30902, newly repainted following transfer from King's Lynn to Braintree. Photo by Des.
Great Yarmouth depot borrowed new Gemini 36179 from Norwich and gave her a polish
Bruce with a sister of his own Leyland Nationals
and an early birthday present from me and Des
Our transport for the day in its eye catching livery. NG Spectra YG02FWD
Both 37158 and 37159 were used on the X1 today, but this evening the 17.48 Lowestoft to King's Lynn was cancelled due to driver illness and 37159 remained at Lowestoft.
Many thanks to Andy, Des and all at Norfolk Green for making our Showbus day so memorable.

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