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Tuesday 20th September 2011 ~ Days Of Old

Today I clocked up 35 years at my job, so feeling a little nostalgic, I dipped into my 1976 diary to see if there were any Wisbech bus references for 20/9/76. Indeed there were and noted were RL 720 on the 08.24 336 arrival (07.45 ex  King's Lynn probably), LH533 on the 17.15 360 to Welney, LH902 on the 17.20 370 Wisbech town service, VR145 on the 17.23 336 (16.15 Peterborough - King's Lynn) and LS811 on the 17.40 354 to March. These were all operated by Eastern Counties - may be someone out there has some photos of these vehicles ? I went to work on the 08.05 Walpole St. Peter - Wisbech operated by Alan Towler of Emneth and on that date it was worked by LCK 752, the evening return trip being with GAH 329K. Thanks to the mighty Flickr photostream of John Law, the latter can be seen here :

and LCK 752 here :

Nothing quite as exciting on the X1 today, just the usual Geminis minus 37563 and 37159 at Lynn for servicing and 37156 spare at Lowestoft.
Timekeeping was variable today, 37573 on Y9 turned up 13 late as was L12 with 37157, but in the afternoon 37571 on K17 left 2 early to Peterborough and K18 and K19 were both spot on time.

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