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Tuesday 13th September 2011 ~ Gone With The Wind (part 2)

Yes I'd used that headline back in 2009, but it was about the most appropriate for today's blog. With 37157 & 37160 already travelling the X1 route minus offside adverts (very unusual these days), today they were joined by 37563 and 37571. The latter had lost an advert for 'Warrior' and 37563 had only been fitted with the 'Abduction' ad on Sunday, both had been loosened by the blustery winds in the region yesterday,
The wind abated today and the timetable was largely adhered to. Vehicle swaps were prominent today. K4 started with 37566, but it required a windscreen repair and was replaced by 37157 off servicing for the 10.02 Lynn to Lowestoft. K5 with 37572 saw this replaced by 37566 this afternoon, so that it could be taken in for servicing. 37569 as previously reported was stopped for MOT preparation work today.

Bruce tells me that Norfolk Green have been experiencing some overloading problems with schoolchildren in the mornings, but it turns out that this is chiefly due to the sheep instinct where kids want to be on the same bus as their mates. Strange to me because I was just the opposite as a child ! A 336 relief ran in the morning and evening  shadowing the 06.45 Peterborough _ Lynn & 16.10 return, but starting / terminating at Wisbech, This was manned by a Wisbech driver and conductor (the likes of Freddy Hickling, Pop Horspool, Bert Barton and Gordon Seals were regulars) and I used it from when I started school in Lynn in 1969 until the reliefs were withdrawn in about 1972. Here is a picture of one of our regular buses used on the relief which was always a Bristol LC.
Photo courtesy of Mark Kirk :

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