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Thursday 1st September 2011 ~ Visitors

One thing I forgot to mention since the blog returned, is that even though King's Lynn garage now has sole responsibility for maintaining the X1 fleet, the amount of work still doesn't equate to what it was when it operated the local town fleet. It is probably because of this that vehicles from Norwich are now making appearances at Vancouver Avenue for repairs. John W, you may have to come out of retirement !
As reported previously, one of the Routemasters had its MOT carried out here and somewhat surprisingly was actually shown on a recent fleet list as being allocated to King's Lynn. It has gone now though and last week Trident 33235 was present. Currently Wright Eclipse bodied single decker 66959 (once an occasional sight on the X1) is expected.
Rob Brooks also emailed me with a matter we left outstanding. The coach he viewed at Welbourne's yard in Wisbech was  60031 - R346GHS and there was also another white liveried B10M which was not 20102. Rob sent this picture taken from the perimeter fence having been advised that admission to get a closer one would almost certainly be refused.

It is worth mentioning at this point that there is an X1 connection here as withdrawn B10M 20140 was R342GHS.
Back to the X1 today then and this morning several services appeared marginally before time,  these were K5 09.05 from Peterborough with 37568, Y7 08.45 Lynn to Peterborough with 37160 and Y9 11.05 from Peterborough with 37575. By afternoon though delays were occurring. 37157 on L11 was 9 x 10 late at Wisbech, K16 14.35 from Peterborough was 15 late with 37565 and 37566 on K18 was 9 x12 late westbound and eastbound respectively.
At Lowestoft Malcolm reports 37576 arriving 14 minutes late on K2 and departing westbound 10 minutes late, all of which had been recouped by the time I saw it at Wisbech at 16.20. 37159 arrived on time on K3 continues Malcolm and spare vehicle 37158  worked the 14.08 service X2 to Norwich followed by Dart 43465 on the 14.38 service.
Coach 20352 began the day on K3 as usual, but by this evening 37159, fresh off repairs had replaced it. 37574 was spare for servicing at Lynn today and 37577 had its MOT completed.

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