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Wednesday 14th September 2011 ~ Availability

The X1 weekday service requirement of 19 vehicles from 22 available seems to be holding up well. Today 37574 was being looked at by Volvo at King's Lynn, 37569 was awaiting MOT and 37156 was the Lowestoft spare bus. 37574 was used later in the day to replace 37568 on Y6.
A rather punctual service today spoiled by 37158 on K16 which passed me 14 late to Peterborough and 11 late coming back. 37571 on K17 had also ben delayed being seen 10 late, but it gained 2 minutes on its return.
L10 with 37576 was not seen at 10.50 but returned just 2 late from Peterborough. I hesitate to say it didn't work on the 10.15 from King's Lynn, as it may have taken the Churchill Road or Old Market routes out of Wisbech.

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