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Tuesday 6th September 2011 ~ I Don't Know How They Do It !

The reliability of the Geminis now seems higher than ever - remarkable when one considers the vast mileages they amass. Failures in service are almost unknown and gaps in the service are almost always caused by traffic delays. Today I didn't see the 12.18 Wisbech to Peterborough (Y13), but it was on time returning east with 37564. That one I can put down to it being on time westbound  (I was late at my vantage post), but this afternoon K18 was an absentee in both directions - it should have been 37572.
L11 was the only service which ran appreciably late today, it was 19 late from Wisbech at 11.37 westbound with 37569. The driver was clearly making an effort though and it was just 10 late coming back.
New ads for more films manifested themselves on the sides of the Geminis today, this time for Warrior and I Don't Know How She Does It ! 37160 was noted in traffic today with just half its Apollo 18 ad remaining on the side and 37157 currently has no advert on the offside which is unusual.
37563 and 37159 were spare at Lynn today after servicing and 37156 was likewise at Lowestoft.

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