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Thursday 15th September 2011 ~ Benchmarx

The rear ad applied to various X1 vehicles with miniscule lettering, belongs to Benchmarx who are attempting to promote their new King's Lynn branch. Somewhat unsuccessfully with this type of ad one would imagine.

37156 remained the Lowestoft spare bus today but was employed on the 11.08 X2 to Norwich. Elsewhere, the main event on the X1 route was an unfortunate accident involving 37579 on L11 12.05 Peterborough - Lowestoft. Shortly after leaving Terrington St. John, a branch fell from a tree breaking the front upstairs window of the bus. Glass was strewn throughout the top deck, yet miraculously and despite someone sitting on the front seat, only a minor graze was reported. The driver's windscreen was also badly cracked. Earlier 37577 on K3 had been taken off at Lynn for servicing and between them, L11 and K3 had 37567 & 37569 take over, although which did what turn is unclear.

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