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Monday 19th September 2011 ~ Clockwork

The maintenance of all the X1 Geminis has now been carried out at King's Lynn for three months and it all appears to be running well to schedule. This morning 37158 and 37564 were present as required and 564 was ready in time to work K4, while K5 which began with 37566 was handed over to 37158 for the 10.32 to Lowestoft.
37567 was collected from Norwich this morning (not sure how it came to be there, but see Saturday's blog) and replaced 37572 on K2 at King's Lynn.
K15 was (again) the only turn which was delayed. It was just 4 late on the 13.18 Wisbech to Peterborough, but was 15 late returning with 37563.
37569 was spare at Lowestoft, but was not present at Gasworks Road when Michael went to look, suggesting it was out on an X2.
Nice to hear from Syd Eade again, he says "James and myself have been away on a week long expedition to Yorkshire, although day trips took us far and wide to look at both buses and trains ( the Parry people Mover at Stourbridge was a highlight! ) A couple of buses turned up that I thought may interest you.

Firstly 37562 surprised us by appearing in just gets everywhere doesnt it? James got the best photo, my efforts failed to get the destination illuminated.

The other bus with a very tenuous X1 link was 32000, which has also moved again,from West Yorkshire to South Yorkshire and was working on normal service in Sheffield. It has been spruced up and looked quite presentable.

I will be somewhat busy over the next few days( or weeks! ) sorting over 2000 photos, adding captions etc. and adding them to various sets".
Speaking of 32000, I ought to apologise to Colin White who wrote asking if it was still about, in fact Colin,  it only remained at Lynn for a day in July before returning to Norwich.

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